The thing keeping any website or business alive are clicks. They drive the business to success. Clicks keep SEO efforts valued and websites reputable, and without them, there really isn’t a good website at all. The goal of the call-to-action is to draw clickthroughs to new content. Ostensibly, a call-to-action is an effort to get a sale of some kind. It is giving the visitor a tangible reason on what they can do about this product. Some call-to-actions are brilliant. Many more are not. Below is one clear example of calls that get at the heart of why they exist in the first place.

The Clarity of One Line, One Message

Ecommerce web development experts understand the contrasting balance of color, which is why many websites use dark text on a white surface. The contrast just dazzles. The call-to-action to be equally dazzling in this format, but it should be extremely clear. It should be one line and one line only.

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Evernote is an app and website that is essentially a virtual sticky pad. Their call-to-action on their main website is a sign-up button. It exists on the home page. Right above the sign-up button is the line, “remember everything.” Its clarity is powerful. It is an incredibly simple message that sums up everything the app can do.

Complementing Colors

It complements the actual call-to-action, which is the sign-up icon. That call is relatively straightforward and bland on its own. But, with the text above it, it sparkles. Notably, both the text and the sign-up icon is a nice green color floating over a white background. The result is spectacular.

Honestly, it is easy to mess up a call-to-action. It can easily be too complicated and busy while marketers try to shove as much in it as they can. Take advantage of a discount of 20% today. Follow the official blog for more information. They are clunk. They do not work in a clean web design (they would work in a blog post or article that is already more detailed and involved). With the Top web design company, things that are simpler end up being way better.

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